About us

We offer a comprehensive range of travel-related products and services catering to the needs of passengers traveling domestically, as well as traveling to and from international destinations. We provide the customers with various tools and information that they need to research, plan, book and purchase travel products and services in India as well as outside India. We offer our products and services online through our websites and mobile applications, and use data and analytics to personalize the customer experience on our websites and mobile applications, based on past searches and purchasing history, which we believe increases engagement and likelihood of purchase.

We believe that we have been able to develop relationships across our portfolio of suppliers for airlines & hotels. We have dedicated teams managing our existing relationships and enhancing and developing new relationships with airlines and hotel chains. Our supplier relationship teams negotiate agreements with suppliers for access to travel inventory and also monitor supplier-sponsored promotions.


"Uvanafly believes in giving its valued customers a comfortable flying experience at an affordable price. Customer satisfaction is our priority"
Dhruva Magu, Company Director

Best Price
We at uvanafly provide our customers with best prices. We believe in transparent rates with maximum benefit to the flyer.
Best Service
Uvanafly is a 'Make in India' company. We here believe in a comfortable journey for the flyers. ¤For us, customer satisfaction is a priority. We wish in fulfilling customer needs to the fullest.
New Features
Introducing a feature for the first time in travel industry.Now your flight is secured. Book your flight with UvanaFly And if under genuine situation you miss your flight,then we repay upto 60% cash to that travele